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Required Maintenance

In the Outdoors Protecting Your Skin is Critical

All of our outdoor gear is replaceable. Bike tires wear out. Shoes break down. Jackets rip. Ski boots crack. 

But we all face the outdoor elements with something that can never be replaced: Our skin. While it’s not exactly a piece of “gear,” it is a natural barrier from the elements, and like the clothes we wear, skin — especially our facial skin — gets worn by the weather and needs upkeep to be at its best.

Unfortunately, many outdoor athletes forget to care for their skin. A study by the NIH came to two contradictory and concerning conclusions. 

First, it found that “Outdoor physical activities are associated with increased solar exposure and a higher risk of developing skin cancer.” And second: “Sunscreen use in particular was under appreciated, with forgetfulness as the main reason for not applying it. Not least of all, the reapplication of sunscreen cream was very rare.”


Imagine if a cyclist left the house without a helmet because they forgot it. Or if a skier hopped on the lift without any insulated clothing because they forgot.


At WTHR, we live for the outdoors, just like you. And with that experience, we saw the real need to make our fellow adventurers more aware of the risks that come with our lifestyles. So, we developed a line of products that empower outdoor athletes to protect, cleanse, and restore the face’s sensitive skin.

The same way you’d maintain your bike, shoes, skis, or any other piece of outdoor gear, at WTHR, we believe your face needs the same level of care. 

Our products are easy to use and carry along on your adventures. They feature Microalgae Oil and other bio-based ingredients for elevated performance and an amazing product experience. Above all, WTHR’s skincare system simplifies the process, that way you won’t forget about your skin the next time you head out into the weather.


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