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Skin in the Game

For Our Team the Mission is Personal

As a child of the ‘70s I always had a crusty nose by mid-summer — badge of honor back then, but today it would be a sign of serious self-neglect. 

At the end of 2020, after nearly 30 years of running, riding, swimming, climbing, and skiing, I went in for my annual skin check. As a redhead, this was a yearly ritual going on five years, but this time, it was different. I got a follow-up call from my dermatologist telling me I had skin cancer, an actual melanoma. 

I asked him, naively, when I would have to deal with it. He told me sternly that, as soon as I got off the phone with him, I’d be calling a surgeon to schedule a time to have the cancer removed. I learned that skin cancer doesn’t usually kill you, it’s where it spreads to that does. So, quick action is essential. Fortunately, we caught it early, and now, I’m doing great. 


Fast forward to 2022, and I had the opportunity to launch a skincare brand for outdoor athletes, bringing to market a line of products made from cutting edge, bio-based ingredients, including microalgae oil. Serendipity? How could I say no?


From there, I got to work hiring a team of fellow athletes across outdoor and endurance sports and developed a fantastic line of products with an unforgettable product experience. Our daily mantra was to keep it simple and be engaging, knowing firsthand that, for a lot of outdoor athletes, skincare is not top of mind.


With that background, I’m thrilled to introduce WTHR - Elevated Skincare from Microalgae. Why the name WTHR? The weather inspires, challenges, and sometimes thwarts our best efforts. It’s also shorthand for the elements that take our skin to task when it’s not protected.


I think we accomplished something amazing: Four great products that meet the core needs of athletes, focused just on the face, the part of the body that is most delicate and susceptible to damage from the elements. With great products and an authentic approach to building community, I hope that we’ll move outdoor athletes from awareness to action, empowering them to take better care of themselves and their skin.


Let’s WTHR Together, 


Chris Randall, 

Founder WTHR Skincare

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