Just as the adventurer seeks an unknown trail, a remote campsite, or a mountain that defies the imagination, at WTHR, we seek higher performing and more sustainable ways to protect and restore the most important piece of equipment: our bodies.

As outdoor athletes and adventurers ourselves, we set out to design an approachable skincare system for our specific needs - protection from the elements, a cleanser that could wash the grime away, and deep hydration and restoration post-activity. Our products reflect that pursuit, demonstrating that performance skincare starts with great ingredients.

With the same drive and curiosity that you carry into the outdoors, we pursue better ways to protect and restore our skin. We rely on microalgae to provide a better skincare oil that is created from nature and enabled by biotech. We formulate every WTHR product to high global standards for safety and efficacy, and thoughtfully choose the best ingredients, avoiding over 1,400 globally banned skincare chemicals. As a Certified B Corporation™, we seek to bring the most effective, biobased products while doing our best for the planet. 

Our hope is that with WTHR at your side, you're ready for any adventure, whatever the weather.

Ingredients Matter

Checkerspot is a performance materials and ingredients company that ferments microalgae for a better source of oil.

Through their science platform, they are able to design novel ingredients for skin and whole body health at the molecular level. When you see the Checkerspot® Butterfly out in the wild, it means the product brings Biology Inside, prioritizing both performance and sustainability.

As a Certified B Corporation™, Checkerspot is showing a renewable future is possible.

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