WTHR is for all the athletes, adventurers, go-getters, strivers and seekers out there, who know the journey and the challenge mean so much more when we share it with others.

Meet the Faces of WTHR, a community of athletes on a quest for better, seeking more from themselves, their equipment, while reminding us all there’s joy in taking our fun seriously.

Let's WTHR Together.

Mountain, Gravel Racing


Most well known for riding with his dachshund, Willie, over the past five years, Alexey Vermeulen has carved his own path to the top of the US off road racing scene. Whether battling for the top step of some of North America’s most prestigious cycling events or working to help make the sport more accessible, Alexey has found a balance that is typically tough for athletes and is consistently working on projects beyond just racing such as From the Ground Up and Phase II. If you are going to be at any of the races, keep a lookout for Sir Willie the Wiener and Alexey will most likely be following close behind to say hello!

Ultrarunning, Gravel Racing


Heather, a veteran Ironman triathlete of fifteen years, embarked on a daring journey of reinvention, trading structured routines for the thrill of the unknown. Transitioning to ultrarunning and gravel cycling, she embraced the fear of new challenges, discovering a profound sense of aliveness in exploring uncharted territories. Whether running or riding, Heather finds happiness and contentment, proving that the road ahead holds endless opportunities to ignite the fire within.



In his ultimate pursuit of self, Coree is on an endless quest for better. From casually dropping a 2:40 LA Marathon to devouring ultra running course records and FKT’s, Coree doesn’t shy away from any challenge. Coree is not just rewriting records; he's redefining what it means to be a trailblazing connoisseur of endurance running!

Backcountry Skiing


Carolyn is an Alaska-based writer, outdoor educator, and mountain athlete who enjoys teaching 5th grade in ski pants, pocket cheese sticks, and deep meaningful conversations on the skintrack. Her first book, Out Here: Wisdom from the Wilderness, was released in 2020 by Rocky Mountain Books. From blog to basecamp Carolyn always has a story to tell.

Freeskiing Icon


Pep lives and breathes skiing, finding endless inspiration and challenge in the sport's boundless possibilities. From his roots on Mt. Ashland in rural Southern Oregon to his ventures across the globe, skiing has not only shaped his identity but also fostered a sense of community and adventure. Fueled by a passion that transcends competition, Pep's journey is a testament to the transformative power of skiing, weaving together friendships, life lessons, and an unwavering love for the mountains.

Backcountry Snowboarding


Dedicated to the backcountry, Becky is an explorer at heart. If not finding solace in the Utah mountains, she is out teaching wilderness medicine courses for those that seek more from their adventures. From skintrack to singletrack, the mountains are calling and Becky has answered.

Splitboarding Mountaineering


A boundary pusher at his core, Nick has carved a new path in splitboard mountaineering. With a calm and collected poise Nick has ridden some of the biggest mountains in the world seeking inspiration to expand and learn the craft. From freestyle to freeride, no matter where the journey takes him he stays honest, adaptable and dedicated to the ever changing landscape of Mother Nature.