At WTHR, we live for the outdoors, just like you. And we all face the outdoor elements with something that can never be replaced: our skin. Our skin acts as a natural barrier from the elements, and like the clothes we wear, skin — especially our facial skin — gets worn by the weather and needs care the same way we maintain our equipment or fuel for a big day out.

And with that experience, we saw the real need to make our fellow adventurers more aware of the risks that come with our lifestyles. So, we developed a line of products that empower outdoor athletes to protect, cleanse, and restore the face’s sensitive skin.


Our mantra in creating WTHR was that our products had to both work great and feel great.

With that thinking in hand, we worked with some of the industry’s best product developers to deliver not only the science behind formulation efficacy, but the art that makes for an amazing product experience. Like any other piece of equipment, there are good, better, and best options, and we have set our sights on Best. The glide of our SPF products is exceptional, the gentle cleanser feels like a fresh start, and the silky, lightweight texture of our Face Cream feels amazing. These are the qualities that only premium skincare can deliver.